Beachcombing Trip #1 Stacking Stones

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Beachcombing for stacking stones is not an easy task. Flat stones tend to congregate on beaches with bigger waves, which push into a bay, coupled with a long shallow ascent to the shoreline from the sea. Flat stones will not usually appear from a steep shelving waterline, as they cannot get any traction from the inward bound current; and will stay rooted on the sea bed; far from land.

With all this in mind, todays beachcombing expedition required me to head over the mountain region that runs along the centre of Ikaria, to reach the shallow waters of the beaches on the north side. It is here where the conditions are perfect as mentioned above, to bring lovely flat stacking stones to the shore.

I set off on my scooter, in beach shorts and t shirt at around 10am, the temperature at ground level was a pleasant 25 degrees, but once I was up in to the mountains at an altitude of around 1200 feet, the temperature plummeted to 16 degrees, I was frozen. This was the scene from here…chilly!

Ikaria mountains

I got back on my scooter and pushed on, heading towards my favorite beach to find these wonderful flat stones. As you travel around the island, you will see, dotted along the roadside, little churches by the cliff edge. I passed one, and decided to stop and take the picture below:

Ikaria roadside church

These miniature churches are a sobering reminder to me everytime I go out on the road, as to how dangerous the driving conditions can sometimes be. They are actually memorials to people who have lost their lives when their vehicle went over the edge of the cliff, and although very sad, I wanted to share this moment with you.

I continued down the mountain and after about an hour arrived at my favourite stacking stone beach. Just look at the beautiful flat stones to be found here!:

stacking stones on beach 1

I immediately began to work my way along the shoreline picking up flat stones that would be suitable for stacking. A tip here is to not worry about finding all the sizes as you go, just get a strong plastic bag, pile all the different sizes in, and then when it is full; go and find somewhere to sit to start sorting them into size order.

After about an hour of collecting, I did exactly this and here were the results!:

flat stackable stones

I added a few more smaller stones to the tops of the stacks, and they all looked wonderful!

Join me again soon for my next beachcombing expedition on this beautiful island..

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