Ice Resin Tip #1

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I work with Ice Resin in my work shop from time to time, its an amazing product with so many uses. I wanted to share a couple of tips that might help you.

Sometimes it is quite cold in my work shop, and cool temperatures do not help the mixing of Ice resin at all. Cold climate makes the mixture very viscous, and as you mix it, many air bubbles will form; which is no good for when you come to apply it to your chosen surface, or pour it into a mould.

A great way around this is to pass a lit lighter a few times under the base of your mixing vessel (for a great mixing container idea see tip 2) with the two components inside prior to mixing. By heating the liquid gently for no more than 30 seconds, it becomes far less viscous, and makes mixing a breeze. Added to that, another huge benefit from heating the liquid, is that you will get virtually no air bubbles at all when you blend the two parts together! I use a miniature gas hob for this task…see below!


To mix Ice resin, you need a suitable pot. I have found plastic medical dispensers, which people use for taking oral medicine, available on the internet are perfect for this job, as they are very cheap (about $7 for 100), and have measurements written on the side which is great for measuring out the two components of Ice resin. See below for what they look like:

medicine cup

I hope this helps you with your Ice Resin projects!..

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