Beachcombing Tip #2 The List

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Beachcombing is a wonderful past time, it is great for your health, gets you out in the fresh air, and for me at least has a very calming effect on the rest of my day. There are many things which can improve the success of your beachcombing trip, so I have decided to write a list of hints and tips which you may find helpful…and here they are:

1 When is the best time to go beachcombing? The answer has two parts, and if you can combine them both, you will more than likely have a very successful expedition. The first is the easy bit, and that is to go in the morning. You are more alert in the morning and can concentrate on the task for longer periods at a time. The second is to try and go after a storm. Large waves will have crashed on to the beach, and distributed the sand with lovely stones, seaglass and other nautical delights for you to readily pick up.

2 The next tip is to go on your beach collection when it is low tide. This is self explanatory, more of the beach is exposed, and you will find more interesting objects to take home.

3 If you are looking for seaglass stand at the beginning of the beach area you wish to comb, and look for the high tide line, and also other tide lines further down, these are the areas where you will find lots of lovely seaglass.

4 If you are looking for beach pebbles, and possibly just a couple of types of pebble, notice that as you survey the entire beach area, that certain types of pebble will be found in certain areas, especially if the beach is primarily made up from stone. Flat stones tend to congregate at the rear of the beach, and larger, more rounded stones end up nearer the water line.

5 A great idea is to take a spray gun with you, fill it with water, and then when you are collecting higher up the beach where the stones may be dry, you can give them a quick dousing with water to see their true color.

6 When you are looking for seaglass, get up close and personal with the beach and dont be afraid to crawl along the line, you will find three times the amount of seaglass than if you search from a standing position. I have had many funny looks from people who wonder what on earth I am doing, but then I am the one going home with some stunning orange seaglass that others have missed!

7 Another great beachcombing aid is a flat piece of wood around a foot to a foot and a half in length, and a few inches high, which you can use to move large volumes of stones around to find hidden treasures just under the beach surface. Countless times I have found a beautiful beach pebble or piece of seaglass I would have otherwise never found by doing this.

8 Take a notebook to jot down what types of stones were found at the beach and where each type were located.

9 Take a camera with you and take some photos of the beach you are about to explore, a couple of entire beach shots, and a few close ups of the various areas which contain pebbles, you will be surpised how handy this will be when you plan future trips, especially if you have many beaches you visit, and are after certain stones.

10 Last but not least, take plenty of water to drink, and some food. There is nothing more distacting than being hungry an hour after you begin your beachcombing session!

That just about wraps up my tips for a great day out finding things on the beach!

Let me know what you think about the tips, and leave your own as well!

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