Ice Resin Tip #2

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Ice resin tip two is that less is more! The guidelines for mixing and working with ice resin are pretty strict. Ensure equal amounts of the two liquids are mixed together, make sure that they are blended thoroughly for two minutes; and that you have a work time of around 30 to 35 minutes.

Countless times when I first started using resin, I would find myself throwing away significant amounts left in my medicine cups. This was not always a bad thing, because it helped me to get more work done, and so I would have another ten beach stones lined up ready to coat.

However, there are times when you just need to do one or two jobs, and you need a small amount of ice resin to do the job; even the bottom line on your measuring apparatus is way too much.

What I find extremely helpful for this ice resin tip is to do this, you will need:

Ice resin

1 sheet of A4 paper

A pen

Something circular to draw around, like a pen lid, coins, or a bottle lid.

Warm ONLY the blue resin bottle (part A), to make the liquid more runny. There is no need to warm part B as it is slightly more runny at room temperature. You can do this by immersing the bottle in hot water, or pass it as a safe distance over a flame a few times. Once the resin is moving easier when you tip the bottle, grab a sheet of A4 paper, and two small identical circular objects that you can draw around. Depending on how much resin you want to mix these could be something as small as pen lids, or for a little bit more, something like a coin.

Draw around your chosen circle somewhere a few centimetres in from all edges of the sheet of A4 paper. Repeat again on another part of the page. Now cut around the circles in a square, leaving just enough space to hold the paper with your finger and thumb (about one centimetre).

VERY SLOWLY you can now squeeze part A of your ice resin into the centre of your first circle. Keep going very slowly, wait a few seconds, watching as the liquid spreads out, until it meets the circle you drew. If you need slightly more resin, use your judgement and add a little more to reach your circle. Once this has happened tip the contents into your medicine cup, or whatever mixing container you use, and repeat for part B of the mixture.

You are now able to easily mix much less of your precious resin accurately, and without using up small containers.

Obviously there is an element of trial and error to get exactly the right circle size for your needs, but after a while it becomes second nature!

I recently progressed from this ice resin tip to mixing Ice resin completely by eye directly in the medicine cup, and with over 200 mixes, so far no problems!