Beachcombing Trip #3 White Beach Pebbles!

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Around 45 minutes scooter ride away from where we live is a tiny beach that is unique. It is the only beach which has a high concentration of amazing white beach pebbles! Unlike most ‘white’ pebbles, which usually have some discoloration or markings these are pure crystalline white, like snow on the ground.

I am not quite sure why these special pebbles only end up on this one particular beach but I am not complaining. After a 20 minute descent down the cliff side I was rewarded by a beach full of these beautiful specimens, in all my time pebble collecting I have never seen anything like it. Within 15 minutes I had found these 3 lovely examples:

white beach stones

Due to their crystalline structure these pebbles reflect the sunlight when moved, and would make amazing necklaces or jewelry. I drilled a few small sample stones and was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to make a hole in.

If I had to guess as to why these stones only appear in such quantities on this one beach I would say it is because the beach itself is man made, the sand used for it was taken from a large tunnel nearby. The sand is unlike normal sand, it is much finer, almost like clay. I think this ‘gentle’ sand helps tumble these white beach pebbles into exceptionally smooth examples with little to no pits or cracks.

Here is one more picture of the three I found on this beachcombing expedition:

white beach stones 1

This was a great ‘white christmas’ find, I will be sharing more stones with you in 2016 from future beach collecting trips!

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