10 Brilliant Pebble Craft Ideas For Kids And Adults

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Collecting beach pebbles is a wonderful activity the whole family can enjoy, it is great exercise and gets everybody out in the fresh air. So, what do you with all those pebbles when you finally get them home? Read on to discover 10 great pebble craft ideas everyone can be a part of!


1 Pebble Bugs!

pebble craft ideas

Take a group of larger, rounded beach pebbles and choose two or three bold colors to paint them with. Use acrylic paint if there is a chance the finished bugs might get wet. Most round and oval beach pebbles are porous so will accept paint and dry with a bright finish. This is great stone craft for kids, when you have finished painting them, set them aside until dry and then you can write your names on them or give them silly names of your choosing!


2 Stone Towers

pebble craft ideas

Stone towers, or cairn stones are stacks of stones which have been built by people for thousands of years on beaches. People make them for all sorts of reasons, but all of them have on thing in common; creativity!

Stones for this need to be flat, but if you cannot find flat stones, then you can use higher pebbles, or any stones with a flattish surface. The sky really is the limit and the art of this practice is to put stones on top of each other in a formation that looks as though it should topple over…but due to the placing of the stones, the balance runs through the middle of your tower keeping them all ‘tied in’ by weight.


3 Pebble Alphabet

pebble craft ideas

This is a great activity to do with children which is fun and educational at the same time. Round up 26 of your best pebbles, if the colors are not that great on them you can paint them first in any color you want. Once dry you can then paint the letters on in a contrasting color..one of the most simple and best pebble craft ideas.


4 Pebble Fridge Magnets!

Grab a bunch of your stones (make sure one side is flat), and paint them in a base color first. Once dry, decide on what you want them to be (insects, animals, peoples names or family sayings). Then put your designs or writing on them and allow to dry.

Flat magnets are available widely from craft shops and online stores. They are cheap and can be bought in a variety of quantities. All you need are a selection of magnets and some glue like UHU to fix them to your new fridge residents (supervise young children with the glue, we don’t want them getting stuck to each other). Place the stones face down where you want the magnets to go. A tip if the stone wont sit on its opposite side is to go in the garden and place the stone on grass to support it.

Put a small blob of glue on the stone and push your magnet down and leave to dry. One of the best pebble craft ideas to brighten up dull white fridges!


5 Pebble Feet

pebble craft ideas

Pebble feet are a ‘quick fix’ activity as the results are almost immediate. Simply find one large oval pebble for each foot and 5 smaller ones to go with it. You can go for all one color, or a variety to spice them up. Once you have made as many feet as you need you can find a piece of drift wood and glue them to that in a stepping pattern for an eye catching display.

Another place for them is out in the garden. If you have short grass, just push them gently down and have them walk across your lawn!


6 Pebble Art

pebble craft ideas

One of the most romantic pebble craft ideas for adults, and a great idea for an unusual valentines day gift. This one requires selecting the appropriate shaped stones for the bodies and heads of the people, but is not too difficult. Once you have made your ‘people’ you can use other pebbles around them to make ground, trees, houses, cars…whatever you want!

Buy a frame to glue them in to and you have a stunning home made gift to give to someone you care about.


7 Pebble Hearts

pebble craft ideas

There are so many different ways to do this project. You can either make a heart outline as above, or go for a ‘filled’ heart made from stones. Either way, get all your stones together and create your heart shape, smaller pebbles are best for this.

Once you have your heart shape you can glue them to a piece of wood for a striking piece of beach art which you can place anywhere in the home. Drill a couple of holes in each top corner of the wood if you want to hang your heart!


8 Pebble Zen Garden

pebble craft ideas

Create a stunning mini garden with some small pebbles and your choice of outdoor greenery. The options are endless for this, small pebbles are best to use and preferably in a similar shade of color. Grey works exceedingly well when contrasted with green. You can make a holder for them using wood off cuts and some wood backing, available from craft shops.


9 Big Pebble Door Stop – The Most Simple Of Pebble Craft Ideas!

pebble craft ideas

This is perhaps one of the most simple and useful pebble craft ideas around, and is wonderfully satisfying! Use any large stone to keep your door open, or tie a few together for a really rustic themed addition for any room. Paint the stones to match your room decor if the natural color of the stone does not work for you.


10 Pebble Noughts And Crosses

pebble craft ideas

The timeless game of noughts and crosses brought to life using some pebbles and sticks! Tie 4 sticks of roughly equal length together to form the board. Paint a selection of pebbles that fit inside the board with noughts and crosses and allow them to dry. You now have a beach themed game the family can play together.