Where To Buy Rocks To Paint – A Buyers Guide

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People are always asking me out here in Greece where to buy rocks to paint.

This being the shameless plug that it is, came about for one simple reason. People are looking for stones to decorate in a variety of ways; yet cannot find either an online stone store like ours, or any decent information on what stones are best for what type of painting and writing.

So, this article is going to serve two purposes, the first is to give you somewhere to buy the stones you need and the second is to give you detailed information on the different pebble types that are available for you to choose from.

A prerequisite key piece of information you need to know about painting or writing on stones is that the stone needs to be porous to absorb the liquid you put on it. All the stones mentioned in this guide are porous and excellent for painting.

With that all out of the way let’s take a look at the different stones we have available and talk about them in detail:


1 Flat Stones (2 – 3 inches)


where to buy rocks to paint

One of the most popular types of stone people are looking for when they do their where to buy rocks to paint search are flat. The problem is that flat has two meanings. The first that the pebble is thin, the second that the stone surface is flat and therefore actually capable of being painted on!

This type of stone is part of our signing/guest book series, but we soon realized that people were buying these stones to do many other things other than have their wedding guests write on them.

The first thing to note is that the smoother the stone is, the easier it is to paint on, and the more polished the end result will be. A lot of stones can be painted, but if you want to make something that looks really nice; you need smooth stones.

This type of stone, we have found out is being used in a plethora of different ways, from children’s painting classes, making rustic herb signs, making colorful name place markers and for painting initials on…a true gem when looking for where to buy rocks to paint.

The stones themselves are 2 – 3 inches across, smooth, flat and accept pretty much any kind of paint or marker pen on them. Most people use acrylic craft paint, but you can also use oil paint if you wish. If you want stones to write messages on, then these are perfect for that purpose. We have tested most types of marker/sharpie pen and all work well.


2 Mandala Stones (2 – 5 inches)


where to buy rocks to paint


Another extremely popular past time, and one which we get questions about all the time is around mandala stones and painting them. The most common shape of stone for this activity is round or egg shaped.

The key point to note if you are looking to learn or get in to mandala stone painting, is that the smoother the stones surface is, the easier it will be to “drop your dots” resulting in a higher quality of work.

Mandala stones are created by painting small dots on the stones surface in rings or flower type designs, changing the color shade as you move outward on the stone which creates a beautiful final piece. If the stone is not smooth, it is harder to place your dots, and the quality of the final stone will be affected.

Acrylic paints are a popular choice for mandalas, and you should use synthetic bristle brushes because they are stronger and enable easier dotting on the stone.

Thin brushes with as few bristles as possible are best, except for when painting a feature area, usually in the middle of the stone. It is also a good idea to apply a dark undercoat of lacquer or paint before starting your design. This will make whatever colors you paint on the stone ‘pop’ more.

Our round and egg shaped pebbles are perfect for painting mandala stones, and we have many more different sizes of stones available which are not on our site, so if you need a certain size of stone; then get in touch using our contact form.


3 School / Children’s Craft Pebbles (1/2 – 1 inch)


where to buy rocks to paint

These wonderfully versatile craft pebbles are probably most people’s first choice when thinking about where to buy rocks to paint because they offer endless creative possibilities!

Their small round size is a lot of fun, and these stones can be painted as insects like bees and ladybirds. Other popular uses are as colorful number counters, or simply painted in all the main color wheel constituents for playing games and making vibrant displays.

These round thin pebbles are light, and can be stuck to pretty much anything with any craft glue. Head over to our craft pebbles section to see more.


4 Pebble Art Stones (1 – 3 inches)


where to buy rocks to paint

One of the most popular past times of recent years when it comes to all things stones is pebble art. There are many pebble artists around the world producing stunning pieces of work, and one of the core components are pebbles that are representative of humans.

These pebbles are matched to produce visually appealing ‘mini people’ which can then be painted to create many different scenes.

Finding stones that are smooth, rounded and without cracks for this purpose is difficult. We are pleased to offer this set to give people more time to create pebble art and less time looking for the stones (although we fully understand this is great fun and keeps you fit!).


Jewelry Quality Stones (1 – 2 inches)


where to buy rocks to paint

If you are looking for the absolute best stones to paint and draw designs on, then head over to our jewelry quality stones section.

All the pebbles in these collections are hand selected to be free from cracks, gouges, and marks. They are 1 – 2 inches in size and are ideal for use in necklaces, bracelets and all forms of beach jewelry.

The stones are soft enough to drill using a Dremel or similar tool. We have many stones at this quality level, so if you need something you cannot see just get in touch.

We firmly believe these are the best stones you will find anywhere in the world!


6 Very Large Stones (4 – 6 inches)


where to buy rocks to paint


We realized through talking to our customers that plenty of people were looking for extra large flat stones to paint and write on.

We have heard wonderful uses for these big beauties, including a heart warming example of a woman who wrote a story to her husband using 50 of the stones in the picture above.

These smooth stones are the largest we offer and have plenty of space on them to paint designs, write on and basically let your imagination run wild.


Thanks for taking the time to read our where to buy rocks to paint guide, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, or get in touch using our contact form.

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