In 2013, disillusioned with life in England my partner and I decided that it was time to look for somewhere new to live. We were seeking a more simple, organic way of life, with less technology and more focus on talking to people and a better sense of community.

We looked at places all over the world including India, Australia, Bali, Thailand and France. None of these places were quite the right fit, and my greek heritage seemed like a good hint that maybe we should be looking at Greece.

My partner found a tiny greek island which we had never heard of called Ikaria and we researched it thoroughly. What we found was a little jewel in the mediterranean! With only 8000 natives living there in small villages and being one of the world’s five blue zones we had found our destination.

We made our plan to sell our house and car, I left my well paid job in the city of London and we chose the small village of Therma, a 3000 year old thermal spa settlement as our new home.

With everything sold we left England in October 2013 and arrived with two large wooden crates in Ikaria!

Once in Ikaria we slowly settled in to a slower, more sedate pace of life. The locals were all extremely welcoming to us and we quickly became part of local life.

Since that time we have set up a tourist agency, along with our pebble business which has slowly started to grow, primarily due to the amazing pebbles we are able to source here.

We have never looked back on this decision and it has enriched our lives in many ways, the 9-5 daily grind has gone and we now have more time to spend building a new life with our son.