25 egg shaped stones


perfectly egg shaped beach pebbles
no cracks or deformations
100% naturally surf tumbled
the finest beach egg stones in the world

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25 Egg shaped stones

Egg shaped stones. These beautiful pebbles are really special. Found on only one beach on our island, their perfection is a site to behold. When you look at them it is hard to believe the sea has tumbled them so perfectly, but this is exactly how they have come to be.

The steeply shelving sea bed where these wonders are found means that they get caught in the shallow water near the beach and there they have been tossed back and forth for thousands of years resulting in the perfect oval egg shaped stones in the pictures.

Each beach pebble has been hand picked by us for its perfect shape, with no cracks or blemishes. They are all jewelry quality and can be used in any design or craft project.

We believe these beach stones are the finest available anywhere in the world, grab this amazing collection and see for yourself!


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