Blank Mandala Stones – Plain Smooth Pebbles


large blank mandala stones
ultra high quality – no cracks or marks
smooth surface, perfect for painting
paint will not bleed

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Blank Mandala Stones – Price Is Per Stone


Just in to our shop are these wonderful large blank mandala stones! If you are a seasoned mandala artist, or just want to dip your toe in to the water of this fascinating art technique, we have the perfect pebbles for you to do it with.

These blank mandala stones are ultra high quality. They are large at 3 – 4.5 inches in size and are uniform in color. Price is per stone.

They are also exceptionally smooth, allowing to you to paint wonderful patterns using the colors of your choice.

The stones for mandala are also porous meaning they will accept pretty much any paint type you brush on to them, but do not ‘bleed’ color so you can be sure that wherever you place the paint it will stay.

These blank mandala stones are extremely rare to find at this size and are heavy, the price is per stone.

If you require a lot of these, or have a query about stones for mandala then drop us a line on our contact form

You can also see the rest of our shop here.

Happy painting!



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