Cairn Stone Tower – an eye catching focal point


20 level stacking stone display
all stones hand picked for visual appeal
resitant to wind, perfect for exterior decoration
use in your spiritual area for a calming presence

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Cairn stone tower

Cairn stone tower. Every one of these stunning towers is unique. They take a substantial amount of time to build and are a very personal, spiritual object. The flat stones are all hand collected and then assembled on top of each other on our beach from a pool of possible stones that we have found. One tower of 20 stones needs 80 possible participants to create it.

The process takes about six hours from start to finish and we only build these to order, so you can be sure that you will never see anything like this anywhere else.

The feeling they create in a room or outdoor space has to be experienced to be appreciated. The overall sensation is one of calm, serenity and timelessness. These stones are thousands of years old and when put together to make on of our cairn stone tower arrangements; the result is breath taking.

You can situate the stones both indoors and outdoors, they are heavy enough not to be blown over by the wind.

If you have a special requirement for your cairn stone tower, feel free to get in touch to discuss what you would like. We can build them larger than 20 levels, up to 75 stones in height. If you require more than one arrangement, or different sized towers we can also do that.

These stones look wonderful in bathrooms, living rooms and seating areas in the garden. They also make amazing centering points for any spiritual areas you may have such as meditation rooms, or calm spaces.

To get an idea of size, take a look at the hand photo.



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