flat thin stones (20)


20 jewelry quality flat thin pebbles
highest quality guaranteed
perfect for craft work and beach jewelry
easy to drill

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Flat Thin Stones (20)


Flat thin stones. A past time that has been gaining popularity in the last few years is pebble art. If you are someone that makes pictures from pebbles, these stones will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you make jewelry they will also be a unique addition to your creative possibilities.

Let us tell you a little bit about where these flat thin stones come from. We are on a small Greek island called Ikaria. Not many people have heard of it, primarily because the name ends in ‘ia’ and not ‘os’, like Mykonos for example; or Samos.

A rough diamond, this island is one of Greece’s best kept secrets and has not been overrun with tourism like most of the other islands. Ikaria is known as the ‘island without time’, one of the restaurants in the capital Agios Kyrikos has a clock on display with no hands in it…the place lives by it’s own clock. The island also has arguably some of the most potent and rejuvenating natural thermal springs in the world.

The island is one of the five blue zones of the world, special locations where people live a long and healthy life.

It is fitting then that this island should also have special stones. Three geographic plates grind against each other sending rocks down the mountain range and into the sea, where they have been tumbling around in the waves for millions of years creating the wonderful flat thin stones you see here.

These stones are unique and the quality is much higher than those found in other places around the world. Get in touch if you would like to know more about our pebbles, or if you need to make an order for a size not shown in our shop.

You will receive 20 flat thin stones almost identical to these.


Please see the hand photo for size.


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