oval beach pebbles (30) perfect for pendants


30 jewelry quality beach pebbles
highest quality guaranteed
perfect for craft work and beach jewelry
easy to drill

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Oval beach pebbles (30)

Oval beach pebbles. There is something very satisfying about seeing these stones all together in a group, they inspire you to create! 

This collection of pebbles is on the rarer side of the sets of stones we offer. All of them as always are hand picked by us and checked for cracks and blemishes. Although there is no quality scale for natural stones, if there were, these oval beach pebbles would be right at the top.

The best uses for stones of this quality would be pebble art, the stones make perfect bodies for pebble humans (and we can supply you with small round and oval heads too if you need them).

Another really good use for them is as pendants on necklaces, and if you have a good drill you can make wonderfully unique jewelry connectors as well.

These stones are smooth to the touch with no rough edges or cracks and would not look out of place on jewelry creations of any value.

All of the pebbles are naturally surf tumbled, so you are getting the stones exactly as the forces of nature intended them to be.

If you need a larger amount of these oval beach pebbles, as many of our customers do, just get in touch and let us know how many you need; in most cases we will be able to supply what you need!


You will receive 30 stones almost identical to these.

Please see stone hand photo for size.


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