Pebble Art Stones (100) – Flat Thin Dark Pebbles 20 – 35 mm


100 pebble art stones 20 – 35 mm
variety of textures and colors
easy to stick
easy to drill, under a minute a stone

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Pebble Art Stones (100) 20 – 35 mm



These pebble art stones bring a whole new level of creativity to your art projects. Their different shapes and sizes allow you to use them in a ‘collage effect’ to create land, buildings, forests, hills and paths.

Each stone is small in size, from 20 – 35 mm.

The stones come in many different texture levels, some are completely smooth, and others are rougher with many small ridges running across the stone meaning when put together in a pebble art project, the effect is stunning.

The colors of these pebble art stones are varied, running from mid to dark gray, with other stones being light to dark brown in color. These variations in color/shade bring more depth to any work you create.

The stones are sedimentary and porous in construct meaning that if you wish to drill a hole in them using a Dremel or other suitable hand tool, this can be done in under a minute per stone.

Importantly, the stones are very easy to stick to most common backing that you would use in art, like Wood, cardboard, plexiglass and glass. Craft glues are all that you need to set your stones in your art project, just leave for a few hours to dry and that is all you need to do.

Another beneficial aspect of these pebble art stones is that they are much lighter gram for gram than normal beach stones. This means that if you are making a project that requires a lot of stones, you will be able to use more of them without making the artwork too heavy.

100 of these stones covers an area of about 7 inches by 7 inches, but this is different from set to set that is ordered.

If you have a minimum area of space that needs to be covered, or if you have another question about these stones not covered here, please get in touch using our contact form and we will be right back to you.


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