pebbles for crafts (200) 15 – 30 mm size


200 beach pebbles
highest quality guaranteed
perfect for craft work and beach jewelry
easy to drill

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Pebbles for crafts (200)

Pebbles for crafts. Believe it or not it is actually really difficult to find pebbles to buy online. This is why we created this site, and now we get to share our wonderful stones with you.

This collection of pebbles is the perfect size for anyone who is creating jewelry or craft projects in any kind of volume. Each set of 200 pebbles will have a nice mix of sizes. The shapes are usually round and oval with some occasional teardrop and triangle stones as well.

These stones are 100% naturally surf tumbled by the sea, there has been no human involvement in creating how they look.

All the stones are wonderfully smooth to the touch and when placed together create a pleasing, cohesive look.

If you are looking to create any kind of beach jewelry then these pebbles are a dream to work with. They are all thin and easy to drill, you can go through one with a Dremel drill in a minute or less. Drill a hole at each end and they can be used as connectors in necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

The pebbles are very light and strong meaning you can create many different types of project and it will not be heavy to wear.

Every single one of our beach pebbles is picked by hand and gets checked three times for quality before being sent to you. We truly believe we supply the best pebbles for crafts and jewelry.

Check out the hand photo to see the sizes of these stones. If you need more or less of these stones just send us a message and we will be able to help you.


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