small craft stones (1000) 15 – 30 mm size


1000 mixed size craft pebbles
highest quality guaranteed
perfect for craft work and beach jewelry
easy to drill

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Small craft stones (1000)


Small craft stones. If you are a serious designer, jewelry maker or craft hobbyist then this large set of small flat beach pebbles is exactly what you need. 1000 come in each set.

All of these little wonders are 15 mm – 30 mm in size and are extremely flat. They are mostly oval and round in shape, with some triangle and rectangle pebbles in there as well.

One of the main benefits of these stones is that they are exceptionally easy to drill. If you own a Dremel or similar hand drill, you can make a hole right through these stones in under a minute.

These small craft stones can be used as connectors for bracelets, just drill a hole at either end and then push through your material of choice.

Another popular use of these sets of pebbles is for kids mini necklaces, you can draw or paint on simple designs which children will love.

All the stones are strong and very light, even a necklace made entirely from these pebbles is not heavy.


Each small flat pebble has been hand picked by us and checked for quality.


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