Small Flat Pebbles (300) – Ideal For Pebble Art And Jewelry 10 – 20 mm


300 small flat pebbles 10 – 20 mm
every pebble hand checked
great for craft projects and beach jewelry
easy to drill with a dremel or similar tool

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Small flat pebbles (300) 10 – 20 mm


Brand new bulk bag size of our best selling small flat pebbles! These small beach stones (10 – 20 mm) are a wonderful addition to any jewelry creator or crafters supplies. Each stone is unique, but when put together create a very appealing visual effect which can be used in a variety of different ways.

If you are a pebble artist, they can be used for landscapes and terrain. If you make jewelry they are easy to drill through, meaning you can make striking necklaces and bracelets with them.

The pebbles are light, strong and porous. If you wish to stick them to another surface, they accept all forms of glue. You can also spray them with any kind of acrylic paint if you want to change the color entirely.

These small flat pebbles can only be found in my shop and are not available anywhere else in the world. If you are looking to create exclusive pieces, then these stones are what you need!

All our stones are ethically sourced from sustainable environments and are completely 100% natural.

If you want to try a small sample sized bag of these stones, or different amount of these stones, simply get in touch using the contact form; and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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