small flat stones for crafts (500) 5 – 10 mm


500 small flat stones for crafts
thin smooth and light
ideal for beach jewelry/art projects
easy to drill and glue

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Small Flat Stones For Crafts (500) 5 – 10 mm


If you produce a lot of jewelry or artwork then this large bulk pack of small flat stones for crafts will give you plenty of stones to work with.

As with all our selections each one of the 500 naturally surf tumbled pebbles you receive are hand checked to make sure the quality is high, with no cracks and usable shapes.

The shapes of the stones will be a nice variety of round, degrees of oval and some triangles.

All of the stones are light and smooth to the touch. If you want to drill them to make beach jewelry, you can use any craft drill like a Dremel. It takes about 30 seconds to a minute to put a hole in one stone.

The stones will be sent to you inside waterproof jiffy bags.


Please take a look at the hand picture to see the sizes of these stones. If you require a different number of these pebbles then send us a message using our form and we will get back to you shortly.


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