smooth beach pebbles (15)


15 smooth creamy grey beach pebbles

high quality, no cracks or blemishes

great for pendants

use in all your craft projects

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Smooth beach pebbles (15)

Smooth beach pebbles. 15 wonderful beach pebbles, all of them feel like silk to the touch and are of very high quality. As with all our stones, they have no cracks, marks or dents.

These beach stones would be perfect for any craft project, pebble art, or as components in a larger piece of work. Specific uses would be as the focal point on a necklace or as a pendant. These pebbles are easy to drill so they can also be used as connectors for bracelets and anklets.

Another good use for these pebbles is in pebble art. Their smooth and uniform color looks striking when placed on a white background.

If you have a meditation space or spiritual areas these pebbles are really good for helping to create a calm environment.

All our pebbles are hand picked and checked by us to ensure you receive the best quality pebbles every time.

Please see hand photo for sizes.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can I paint These Stones?

A: Absolutely, all our stones are porous meaning they will absorb whatever paint/liquid you put on the. Sometimes two coats will be needed depending on the viscosity of what you are applying.


Q: Can I Stick Things To The Stones?

A: Yes, as with painting, the pebbles accept all forms of glue, so if you want to make eye catching pendants or jewelry gluing is a really good way to do it.


Q: Tell Me More About Drilling, What Is Possible?

A: Sure, first you can drill through these stones in about 5 minutes per stone. The best way we have found to do this is to start with a very small drill bit size and then work up to your final drill size. So if 3mm is your desired hole size, start with a 1.5mm drill bit, go through the stone, then re drill the same hole with a 2mm bit and then the final 3mm size. This is by far the quickest way to get a neat hole through the stone; and much quicker than drilling with a 3mm on it’s own.

If you want to set items into the stone you can do this as well with the correct drill tips. We set sterling silver balls into these stones to create stunning necklaces using ball tip bits.


Q: What does ‘Jewelry Quality’ actually mean?

A: For our smooth beach pebbles, this means you are buying the highest quality stones we can find. All the stones will be as near perfect as possible, often they are 100% flawless. This allows us, and you to be confident that you can use our stones to create premium quality jewelry that will look fabulous.




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