stacked rocks


  • smooth large 100% natural pebbles
  • use indoors or outdoors
  • ideal for use in meditation or spiritual practice
  • invokes a serene atmosphere in any room

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On any beach at any time of the year in Ikaria Greece, you will find someone has assembled stacked rocks and left them in a prominent position for others to discover. Part of the reason for this is that it is a spiritual island, and the second of course are the wonderful stones which are so tempting to stack.

The practice of using stacked rocks or inukshuk rocks as a calming influence has been going on all around the world for thousands of years.

This inspired us a couple of years ago to offer stacking stone arrangements. The effect of these stones when placed in any environment really is a joy to be around.

If you are looking to bring a calming presence in to a room, these large round pebbles are the perfect choice. Each pebble is identical in color, and all balance on top of each other in a pleasing way to create a soothing focal point.

The stones themselves are the finest we offer at this size, they are flawless, with no marks, cracks or holes.

A popular use for these stacked rocks is as a meditation or spiritual focal point. Place them in the center of a table display, or on their own to immediately center your mind and allow you to enter meditation practice.

Of course they are ideal for beach themed home decor as well, and coffee tables are an ideal place to put your stacked rocks.

These stones are also great for outdoor use in your garden. The stones are large enough to be seen from a few meters away, and heavy enough to not fall over when the wind blows. Some of our customers order two or three and make focal point around their outside environment.

Your order of stacked rocks will arrive individually wrapped, and inside waterproof bags. If you have a query about the stones which is not answered here, just drop us a message with our contact form.



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