tiny pebbles (200) 5 – 10 mm


200 tiny pebbles
small flat and smooth
quick to drill
easy to glue

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Tiny Pebbles (200) 5 – 10 mm


Tiny Pebbles. Just like our larger craft stones here, these miniature marvels offer an even smaller size and thinner depth to work with.

Finding consistent naturally surf tumbled pebbles for creating arts, crafts and beach jewelry is hard. Every one of these small craft stones has been hand picked and checked from sustainable supplies.

Due to their small 5 – 10 mm size the stones are very easy to drill through, and can be used in so many different ways in a variety of different projects like pebble art, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and as accents on all kinds of beach accessories like bags, purses, wallets…the list is endless!

Every single stone is checked by hand before your order is sent, and we are confident these tiny pebbles are the best you will find anywhere in the world. All the colors run from light to dark gray so you can be sure you will have a nice variety of shading in your order.

The surface of the pebbles is smooth, there are no cracks, holes or other colors present, just lovely shades of gray.

As with all our stones, these tiny pebbles are easy to glue, simply use any craft glue to affix them to pretty much any surface you like.

Pebble shapes in this collection range from perfect round, through oval and into some triangles. All of the stones have smooth edges with no sharpness whatsoever.

Please check the collection pictures and look at the hand photo for sizes, and if you need to ask a question which we have not answered here, you can always send us a note using our contact form.

Amazing pebbles is the world’s only boutique online natural stone store, see what you can create with our wonderful offerings!

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